Sculpture, text work, 2011.
Cardboard boxes, pallets, bike lights and spray.

Collated was a work first presented in the group exhibition Koddu in 2011. The work consists of a stack of empty white cardboard boxes, sprayed with blue spray. In it various words have been carved out, with the letters pulled back so that the lights casts shadows on the stack.

The words created a chain, repeated like a mantra on the boxes. The text was abstract, but contained various references to shipment, logistics and systems. The chain was made up of these words: self-content model, modeled contents by bonds eventual, chained by events without, within, inside (outside), state export/import in times of mobility, durable base commands: access – no input, low output – enduring a current, incumbent, outdecent, terrificied, inrageous collated outside, inside a. 

The work was among the first of many in which the technique of carving out and pulling back letters was used, and also the first in which card board boxes were used.