Paper work, text work, sculpture, 2015.
Paper, cardboard boxes, wood, plastic, water, mirrors

The work was presented at the group exhibition in LÁ Art Museum in Hveragerði, curated by Inga Jónsdóttir, museum director.

The paper is like a person: variable arid, flexible, fragile, forgettable, beautiful, soft serving, empty, offering, giving, listening, broken, bent dried out, worn, importunate but inquisitive.

Works in paper Mark the Threshold - text by Becky Forsythe

Threshold brings together works in paper by artists Eygló Harðardóttir, Jóna Hlíf Halldórsdóttir, Karlotta Blöndal and Ólöf Helga Helgadóttir. What transcends from this group is a dialogue on paper beyond the two-dimensional plane. Subtle moments within the exhibition bring us back to where paper begins as a tree iin the forest, but what also underlies is a reminder that the material is manufactured, is part of our everyday, and recycled as a memento of contemporary culture. Throughout, the material is transformed from one state into another: alway on the way to becoming something else.

Paper is personified with qualities of sensitivity and character, flexibility and response in the work of Jóna Hlíf Halldórsdóttir. Her use of text and the composition of phrases are key components in Jóna Hlíf's approach to creating, where wordplay and construction hold equal weight in the reading of the works. Texts are an evident process through which Jóna begins to draw with paper and this thread continues through an assortment of manipulations with paper. Words such as transparency, resolution, community hint to a sort of political system or framwork questioned but also longed for by the artist. The works are delicate and minimal, while it is also clear that the process involved in their creation is complex, intricate and concise. There is a strange commitment to the phrases and words: a transformation from thought to physical text, from two-dimension to three. The artist in a sense commits thought to paper and a movement through contemplation, spoken word, pencil lines on paper, cutout spaces upon flat surfaces become a commitment to the material and there is not turning back. The delicate spaces and surfaces found within Jóna Hlíf's text-based works are also translated in the Sheets (2015) series, where colour and shape work alongside the fragile and yet flexible moving nature of paper. In the larger context, paper becomes a means to reflect upon us.

Photo credit: Vigfús Birgisson