Text work, 2014.
Aluminum plates, paint.

For an exhibition at Tysgallery in Reykjavik, a few artists were commissioned to make works exclusively for the gallery. All artists had to make artworks which would fit into boxes that were 15 x 15 cm. Jona Hlif’s contribution to the exhibition were five variations of text starting with the words An old hope … The works were made by carving out and pulling back letters in aluminium plates, which were painted in blue. The original sentence: An old hope of a better world, was taken from a passage in a catalogue for the exhibition Tapestry, from 2013. Variations were then built from the first one, with new words and different subjects such as ‘days’, ‘weather’ and ‘life’, Ranging from the comical to more serious considerations, the sentences remind the viewer that most desires for better surroundings have been with mankind for a long time.