Installation, 2008.
Photographs, video work, mirror text works, text work on a napkin, rope, white paper bags and adhesive plastic.

In the exhibition Plenty of nothing, Jona Hlif created an installation in the D-Room in the Reykjavík Art Museum, using mixed media. In one corner was a giant stack of empty, white shopping bags. The self-portrait Red stood in another, accompanied with a text, which together formed the first part of the Identity Series. Mirrors on the wall formed the sentence: I am just a shit, a central sentence in an Inuit story, which was presented in full length for guests to read. The same sentence was printed on a napkin, for viewers to take home. In the middle of the room was a rope with a knot tied at the bottom, hanging from the ceiling. In an art review of the exhibition, it was stated that Jona Hlif ignited “various thoughts which connect to ideas of women as sexual beings”. Indeed, many of the works in the exhibition contained obvious references to a feminine self, and hinted that women have been distanced from “natural” connections in the ways of modern living.